Remuneration Modalities

We are open, as to principles and modalities of payment. Standard broker remuneration constitutes a provision paid by the Insurance Company. There is also a possibility to remunerate a broker directly by the Client (the socalled “fee”) and the mixed system when the remuneration constitutes the sum of a provision and a fee.

  • Insurance Brokera
    provision or a payment by the Client (fee) or mixed system
  • Risk Management Consultant a fee payable by the Client or a fee and a part of provision of the broker servicing the Client

In every particular case we are ready to create a schedule determining the scope and the terms of activities carried out for the Client, except for loss events subject to separate procedures defined with the Client and the Insurance Company.

We build the IND reputation on the quality of our broker services which are modified accordingly to the development of the insurance market.    


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