Collaboration Forms

We are ready to meet all your needs and expectations, both as to the construction of insurance contracts and as to organizational matters. Therefore we suggest different forms of collaboration:

  1. Exterior Insurance Broker (classical model)
    All issues are treated by the IND offices. The scope of activities, the manner of communication, the number of meetings etc. are defined on individual basis.
  2. Exterior Insurance Broker with a service entity located at Client’s premises.
    For the Clients requiring everyday service, as to  taking out insurance policies, certificates delivery or loss liquidations, we are able to locate our representatives directly on Client’s premises.
  3. In house Broker
    We are open to suggestions concerning the  opening and organization of a special firm to service exclusively one Client or a group of Clients.
  4. Risk Management Consultant with the following tasks:
  • Insurance programs verification,
  • Supervision of the work of a broker and services in charge of risk management,
  • Elaboration and implementation of special programs,
  • Trainings – on issues related to Client’s needs.

The solution we are offering as the IND is the guarantee of the thorough identification of our team with the proceeding and solving issues of those Clients which are expecting and requiring a special organization of broker service.

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